♫♪ Life is like a song ♪♫
where did this come from and why can’t I stop saying it (via alphaidiot)

Alaska’s Runway Looks → Sugar Ball

On her deathbed, my mom told me to keep on playing 
music, to go for my dreams. That's pretty much why I
kept on doing it.


when my kids ask where babies come from im just gonna show them this gif


Popsugar Interview with Kathryn Prescott (x)


This was literally the biggest WTF back story this show had.

The reason I got so crazy when you had them take down the painting. It was the first thing I made in a year, over a year. Why? I don’t talk about why.

Paramore ruined my life meme > favorite music videos [5/5]:

Monster (Singles Club);

" Now that you’re gone, the world is ours.”


Superfruit + Chicago

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